We help you figure out what to do with your data.

why we're different

Everyone has data. It's what you do with your data that determines business outcomes.

This is something we find many companies need help with. And it's exactly how we can help.

The data landscape is full of complicated tools, and consultants who specialize in setting up these tools. But the tools alone don't provide any value.

We'll focus on your desired business outcomes. Then we'll help you use your data to accomplish your goals.

Our Feedback

"Zack was incredibly helpful from the start. He started our engagement by understanding the needs of our business, and used his experience and expertise to drastically improve the cost and performance of our data infrastructure. His work has had a lasting impact on our decision-making and growth potential. We highly recommend working with Zack to get the most value out of your data."

- Nick Warner, VP of Growth & Analytics, Fanatics Live

"Zack not only expertly set up our data pipeline to seamlessly integrate with our existing systems, but also ensured our team was fully equipped to update tables and create dashboards afterwards. This foundational work has been a crucial element in establishing a real data culture within our organization, enhancing our data architecture where it was most needed. The expertise and precise execution Zack brought to our project are exactly what we needed to elevate our operations to the next level."

- Alex Sarkowsky, VP Product Management, Autonomy

"Working with Zack was a great experience. He drove overhauling a critical data pipeline for our company’s reporting needs; he improved both the performance of our pipeline and integrity of our data, allowing our respective data teams to collectively mine and provide useful insights to drive business value and increase competitive edge. Zack was extremely communicative and kept us in the loop through each step of the process. His technical skills, dedication, and audience-focused communication are par none. Zack is personable, detail oriented, and understands the importance of speed and deadlines. I highly recommend Zack!"

- Lauren Brown, Director of Reporting and Insights at better.com

"Zack's strategic insight was instrumental in helping me to maximize my impact as a one-person data team at an early-stage startup. His contributions were concrete -- helping me leverage new data transformation tools -- as well as abstract, in offering organizational ideas that helped me grow in my role as a young data professional."

- Annie Bishai, Data at Column

So much more than

data solutions that help your business...

Decide where to invest next

Identify your best customers

Flag risks before they become problems

Remove bottlenecks from your operations

Bring the right product to the right market

Our Solutions

0 to 1 Data Roadmap

Making decisions is easier with clarity. 0 to 1 is a data roadmap that will clearly map out the operations of your business. You’ll walk away with a blueprint for recording and measuring your operations and your customers’ journey. This blueprint will ensure your data serves your business, and not the other way around.


All the technical stuff. We’ll put your roadmap into action.We will ensure you are gathering the data you need, and organize it into datasets that are ready to inform the business. This package includes your 0 to 1 roadmap and…

- Tool Selection
- Event Tracking
- Data Ingestion
- Data Modeling
- Pipeline Automation (automation)
- Industry Best Practices


Arm your organization with the information and insights they need to increase the value of your business.

- Analytics Tool Setup
- Semantic Layers
- Metrics and KPI support
- Dashboards
- Automated Reports
- Self-Service Analytics
- Embedded Analytics


- Stakeholder Training
- Data Team Training
- Data Governance


- Maintenance
- Dashboard Updates
- Dataset Updates
- Data Requests as a Service

Our Values


It's in our name for a reason. We keep things simple to encourage action. If we can't explain how it adds value to your business than we'll leave it out.


How we get to simplicity. We encourage our clients to be as clear about their objectives and processes as possible.


We are here to do the work. We find purpose in helping you and your organization succeed.


We know how hard this is. Our vision for the future keeps us going.


We think work should be fun. Business and data are hard. We want our clients to have a great time working with us.

It doesn't have to be complicated

Let's make an impact together. Reach out to find out how we can turn your data problems into simple solutions.

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